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“Which of these cities would you choose to make your permanent residence?”

Quite some time ago, a buddy of mine posed this question to me for consideration.

That was the instant in which I finally understood everything completely.

Wow, I could make a house a home in any location you can think of!

In addition, I am not restricted to working in a single location.

When you don’t have to deal with a b*tch on a daily basis, the entire world can become your personal playground if you don’t have a place of business to go to.

It is entirely doable for you to move to the city of your choice and begin a new life there.

You have a lot of options available to you.

The countryside, a busy city, a beach in the tropics, or even a farm in the country could be your ideal vacation spot. Anywhere!

One of the many benefits that come with working for yourself is having the opportunity to serve as your own boss. Being your own boss provides you with a great deal of independence.

It doesn’t matter where you live. You are able to find work in any location. You have total control over the situation!

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