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TFT - 2

After making my way through the building, I entered the office of my boss…

There was a good chance that he was getting ready to delegate the subsequent project to me. A venture that would consume all of my available time and resources and even risk my life.

Nevertheless, it never got to that point in the process.

In place of that, I offered him something that he could take with him.

My decision to resign because of this, he was completely unaware of the excitement I was harboring behind closed doors about the possibility of beginning my very own online business. And while I was working for him, I was also gradually expanding my own company in the background. This was happening concurrently with my employment with him.

It led to an increase in revenue as a consequence.

It happened much more quickly than I could possibly have anticipated!

Now or never was the only option.

I will never be able to forget the shocked look that was on his face. And as I smiled at him, turned my back on him, and exited the room, I was well aware of what I was about to get myself into at that very moment.

Freedom, as well as the possibility of achieving material success.

This is not something that happens only in my dreams. A good number of my students have thought about it at some point.

You are the next person in line to proceed.

Watching this enlightening video is something that I highly recommend doing. A paradigm shift is what it has been called by some people.

When do you think you’ll have a day that will stick out in your mind for the rest of your life? in a matter of days, weeks, or months at the absolute earliest. It can be seen in the distance.

But this is the point from which everything starts.